Wretched’s Todd Friel on Dealing with Dancing Hecklers

Wretched’s Todd Friel does an outstanding job of highlighting the appropriate Biblical response to those who blaspheme the Gospel and heckle the preacher of the Gospel (see above). The scene of the blasphemy is the beautiful campus of UCLA. The blasphemer is a dancing UCLA student. The Gospel preacher is Justin Edwards. The evangelistic outreach was Tony Miano’s Cross Encounters Ministries Pre-Shepherd’s Conference Gospel Outreach. The full video is below.

Doctor Reveals Pro-Abortion Heart

On Saturday, April 12th, an ER doctor pulled her car to the curb in front of Portland’s most murderous abortion clinic. She jumped out to give us a piece of her mind. Doctors have years of medical education, surely this doctor will provide hard biological and physiological evidence for her support of abortion. ER doctors handle high stress situations routinely in their profession, surely this doctor will keep her cool and articulate her position supporting the murder of unborn babies in a professional manner. Dr. Christine does NOT give evidence of her years of medical education, NOR does she give evidence that she handles stressful situations well. The doctor does provide ample evidence that murderous hatred in your heart, causes you loose your head. For this doctor and so many like her, the millions of unborn babies being murdered by abortion have been totally dehumanized and the plight of abortion minded women is totally sensationalized with the threat of “hangers” in back alleys. There is no logical or loving defense of the murder of the unborn.

“Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” -1 John 3:15

Pray for Dr. Christine and those like her. She has hatred and murder in her heart, and will perish in her sin unless she repents.

Mission Hills Abortion Clinic Evangelism -day 2 (2014 Post-Shepherds’ Conference Cross Encounters Evangelism)

Evangelist Tony Miano hosted a pre & post Shepherd’s Conference Gospel Outreach. The following videos are from the post-conference Saturday morning Abortion Clinic Evangelism at the Mission Hills abortion clinic. You will see and hear excellent examples of the Law and Gospel being ministered for the salvation of souls and the rescuing of babies. Bear in mind that the abortion clinic waiting room is just above where the preaching took place. Several people came out of the clinic confirming that they were hearing every word of grace and truth.

There were many Catholics at the abortion clinic observing their annual 40 Days of Life. Note the prayers and Catholic specific Gospel messages. After Tony Miano’s message, five different Gospel conversations broke out with very impassioned pro-life Catholics. God’s Amazing Grace continues to unfold as the fruit from those conversations is still being harvested (SEE: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s18d8k). The ministry of the Gospel is the mission of the Church. Pro-life evangelicals often compromise the Gospel when they meet pro-life Catholics, building an ecumenical union that undermines the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We should be thankful that our Catholic friends care for the plight of the unborn, and even more thankful for the opportunity to care for their eternal souls. Abortion Clinic Evangelism keeps the Gospel as the first priority.