Abortion Clinic Law & Gospel Ministry is Saving Babies

Over the last several months, by God’s grace alone, there have been five precious babies saved (with confirmation) through the ministry of the Law and Gospel at Portland’s abortion clinics. There are many more unconfirmed cases where mothers and fathers come to the abortion clinic hear the truth, read the truth on signs, are clearly convicted, and then leave without having an abortion. By “confirmation” I mean that the mother and/or father of the child comes to us to let us know that they are choosing life. In most cases they don’t simply inform us of this monumental decision; instead they come with tears, smiles, many thanks, and hugs before they leave the clinic. It is beautiful. Please take thirty minutes and watch this entire video. Watch something beautiful take place before your eyes through the ministry of the Law and Gospel at the front door of Portland’s most notorious abortion clinic, the Lovejoy Surgicenter.

The video begins with a basic five minute message from the Law of God pleading for the mothers and fathers inside the abortion clinic lobby to hear the Word of God and head it by loving their children and choosing life. The audio is a bit rough during those five minutes as it is necessary to project your voice while preaching the soul saving and life saving Word. While there are those who definitely do not want to hear the truth being preached, praise God, those who choose life literally come out and thank us for “not being quiet.”

Proverbs 31:8 says, “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” When you preach at the door of an abortion clinic, you are conscious that everyone inside has made an appointment for their baby to die. You are conscious that you are preaching at death’s door. Babies are about to die. Mothers and fathers are about to become the mothers and fathers of murdered children, or…by God’s Amazing Grace, their appointment with death will be cancelled through the loving ministry of the Law and the Gospel.