What’s included with my registration?

Registering for Biblical Church Evangelism Conference allows you to attend all the plenary instruction sessions and all the outreaches during the conference. We’ve brought together some of the finest ministers of the gospel on the planet to instruct from the pulpit and show you with feet on the street, what biblical church evangelism is all about. For the full evangelism immersion experience, you’ll want to attend as many sessions and outreaches that your strength and schedule will allow. However, we welcome you to attend whatever portion of the conference sessions and outreaches that you are able. An evangelism manual and a set of evangelism memory verse cards will be provided to help you continue your growth in understanding and the ability to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our hospitality crew will make refreshments available throughout the conference to keep us alert during teaching sessions and strong on the streets. After an amazing week of training and outreach we’ll celebrate what the Lord has done and enjoy a time of fellowship around BBQ!

Who Should Attend the Conference?

Churches, pastors, elders, deacons, men, women, young men, and young women that love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to grow in their ability to love perishing sinners through the ministry of the gospel. Anyone that wants to be equipped to reach the lost from some of the finest biblical evangelists in the world. Anyone that loves unborn babies and wants to learn how they and their church can minister the law of God and gospel of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls and rescuing of unborn babies. Anyone who wants to be able to share the gospel with atheists, agnostics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholics, Hindus, and Muslims without fear. Anyone who wants to get a grasp on Biblical Presuppositional Apologetics.

Will I have to speak to lost people?

No, but before the week is over you will almost certainly want to. We’ve had people plan on attending the instruction sessions only, decide midweek to take vacation from work so they could spend the rest of the week at all the outreaches. We’ve had many men and women open their mouths for the very first time to speak to people about their souls and to plead for the lives of precious unborn babies. We’ve had men (with pastoral approval) preach the gospel of Jesus Christ for the very first time during the Biblical Church Evangelism Conference. It is always an amazing week of growth in understanding, faith, love, and ability.

Where is the Conference?

The conference is held just outside of Portland, OR at Beaverton Grace Bible Church. The outreaches are in various places in Portland throughout the week, with a full “short term missionary” day in Seattle on Friday (parks, markets, residential neighborhoods, abortion clinics, Seahawks stadium, etc.). Thousands of men, women, boys, and girls will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ by the end of the week! Be there!

Beaverton Grace Bible Church
980 NW 180th Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97006

What is the weather like in Beaverton in August

August is a warmer month in Beaverton, Oregon. The average temperature is 80 degrees with some cooler mornings and evenings.

Is there childcare?

No. However, you are welcome to bring your children to the conference. There is a nursery among other facilities available on location.

Additional Questions?

If you are still in need of assistance feel free to contact us (503) 645-7471 or by email at info@biblicalchurchevangelism.org.