A Christmas Gift of Immeasurable Value

The Saturday before Christmas, Beaverton Grace Bible Church received a precious Christmas gift of immeasurable value. We were blessed to minister the Law and Gospel at the Lovejoy Surgicenter abortion clinic in downtown Portland, Oregon, as we do most Saturdays. It was a dark and rainy December morning. Nothing unusual in the Pacific Northwest.

Not long after we arrived, we had the opportunity to speak to a mother in her mid-forties, her twenty-ish pregnant daughter, and her boyfriend as they parked and were making their way to the back door of the abortuary. We spoke to them of the real and beautiful humanity of their baby; of his or her heart beating already; of abortion being a violation of the Law of God, “Thou shalt not murder;” and that this Law was written upon their consciences by God. The mother gave a common response: “Are you going to pay the bills?” We talked to her about resources that are available, about adoption, and warned her that convenience and bills do not justify the murder of her grandson or granddaughter. They went inside the clinic.

Lovejoy Surgicenter, Portland's most murderous abortion clinic.
The front doors of the Lovejoy Surgicenter, Portland’s most murderous abortion clinic.

Just outside of the doors pictured above, a member of our Abortion Clinic Evangelism team prayed for the salvation of souls and the rescuing of unborn babies. Inside, mothers and fathers were filling out forms and waiting for their name to be called so their babies could be put to death. When the prayer was concluded the Law and Gospel were preached at length to those who sat in the crowded waiting room. At the end of the message a phone number was given where medical and practical resources can be found, and a final plea was given to take action, to get up, and to leave that place of death.

Moments later we looked up the sidewalk to see that same mother, her visibly pregnant daughter, and the boyfriend walking away from the clinic. They had slipped out the door of the waiting room just after the message ended. They weren’t inside long enough for an abortion to have taken place, and they always come out the back door in a wheelchair. There was hope. As they were walking toward their car we encouraged them to love their baby and to not come back to the clinic. The young woman turned to us with her hands on her belly. She smiled and simply said, “I didn’t have the abortion.” That is what we were there for. That is what we prayed for. It has happened many times, yet the reality of a baby’s life being rescued right before our eyes is a sweet surprise and overwhelming blessing every time.

Being just days before Christmas, we all counted that dear life as an early Christmas gift. Christmas is now over. The lights are coming down. The glorious songs regarding the birth of the Christ child are no longer on the radio. Praise the Lord, when Christmas comes again next year, there will be presents under the tree for a precious baby of immeasurable value, a baby rescued by God’s grace through the ministry of the local church proclaiming the soul saving and lifesaving Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*If you and your church need help getting a life saving Law and Gospel ministry started at your local abortuary, contact Tony Miano, who was instrumental in the making of Living Waters’ outstanding 180 Movie and was featured in the groundbreaking documentary Babies Are Murdered Here. There few men as qualified, able, and willing as Tony Miano. His passion is to come alongside churches and pastors to encourage them in the work of evangelism. Ask him to come and help you and your church get started.

Tony Miano with Ray Comfort on Rightly Divided with Lane Chaplin discussing the making and impact of the 180 Move.
Tony Miano with Ray Comfort on Rightly Divided with Lane Chaplin discussing the making and impact of the 180 Move.