Failed Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy vs. the Unfailing Law of God & Gospel of Jesus Christ

What is Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy? It will be explained more fully by its spokesmen later on, but this paragraph will suffice for a short answer. It’s Christendom’s failed play at honoring the Bible’s condemnation of murdering babies while being very careful not to offend the sensitivities of a mad, mad world that has slaughtered 1.4 billion unborn babies on the alter of self-love, sexual freedom, and convenience since 1980. It’s Evangelicalism’s failed milk-toast response to the bloodiest systematic genocide the world has ever seen. It’s the Moral Majority’s failed political strategy to turn back abortion legislation. It’s the failed hyper-compassionate insanity of demanding that mothers who knowingly murder their babies “should be treated solely as a second victim” while murderous mothers and our entire murderous culture are celebrating a #ShoutYourAbortion campaign that includes “Christian” abortion doctors that say, “I love providing abortion care to women, and I am proud to do so.” It’s the rotten antinomian fruit grown from the rotten feminist root of Evangelicalism’s thorough and ready reception of the early feminist movement’s failed pro-life philosophy and the resulting thorough rejection of the soul saving, baby rescuing, culture changing ministry of the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To be more exact . . . antinomian means anti-Law, or in place of or against God’s Law. An early feminist pro-life philosophy has been allowed to override and replace the ministry of God’s Law and Gospel. Evangelicalism and its ministry of God’s Word have been thoroughly subjugated and nullified by this insidious philosophy and the result is that the most horrific man-made holocaust in history murders an appalling 3,300 baby boys and girls per day in America alone, and a staggering 125,000 babies per day around the world while most evangelicals sit steeped in apathy . . . comfortable, safe, and silent as if every day was a Friday.





Feminism’s failed pro-life philosophy must be excised from the body of Christ, and a bold ministry of God’s unfailing Word must again be embraced. Biblical Christianity’s certain confidence is that God’s Word does not return void and always accomplishes what God pleases. We know that the ministry and proclamation of God’s omnipotent Word never fails. God’s men declare God’s Word faithfully and boldly whether it is readily received or seemingly rejected. Following Jesus requires men to deny self; to take up the cross; to confidently, consistently, and clearly minister and proclaim the Law and Gospel in the pulpit, in the public square, in the open air, and on the street outside of abortion clinics for the saving of souls and the rescuing of babies . . . and to suffer the hatred of a world given over to lies, lust, and murder to the extent that God’s providence allows. Far too many men think that’s a price too high to pay. They will continue to embrace the failed feminist pro-life philosophy that leaves them comfortable, safe, and largely at peace with the baby murdering culture raging all around them. They will consciously excise the ministry of God’s unfailing Word that would undoubtedly unleash some level of persecution upon them. The Biblical and extra-biblical history of the church shows us that every genuine city changing, state changing, nation changing, culture changing, world changing Gospel revival has centered around the bold proclamation of God’s Word in the pulpit and in the open air, and it is no different today (see The (Lost) Art of Street Preaching – Must It Be Resurrected? -by Pastor Geoff Kirkland). We must revive and embrace a bold ministry of God’s Word, and excise the philosophies of men, or in this case, early pro-life feminists.

Biblical pastors all quote George Whitefield, but few want to emulate him. He was rejected and despised by many respectable Christians during his life and powerful ministry. It was only after his death that he was universally lauded as a champion of the faith. On several occasions, George Whitefield was physically attacked by men who objected to his public preaching of God’s Law and Gospel. He was so hated for filling the open air with the sin convicting proclamation of God’s Word that at least one attempt was made on his life. In his day they didn’t slaughter babies, they abandoned them. Whitefield’s foremost passion was ever and always the ministry of the Law and Gospel in the pulpit and the open air, yet he unceasingly ministered on behalf of the plight of orphans. We would do well to emulate Whitefield, unleashing the Word of God everywhere for the glory of God, the saving of souls, and the rescuing of babies that will be crushed and orphaned not onto the streets, but into trash cans. Not only do most possess no interest in emulating George Whitefield, they ignore or heap scorn upon the men that follow in Whitefield’s pattern today faithfully preaching the Law and Gospel for the saving of souls and rescuing of babies. Some of those who quote him should stop.


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Tony Miano wrote a much needed exposé of Evangelicalism’s pro-life fallacy. His article has compelled some to repent of apathy before God, and compelled others to plead the innocence of mothers who murder their babies and to protest a consistent and clear ministry of Ex. 20:13. It should be noted that some of the men that are actively pushing back against the exposure of the errors of the pro-life movement, have long sat disinterested and silent as others praised the Lord for His mercy in rescuing a baby, two babies, or even three babies in a single Law and Gospel ministry outing. The willingness of some men to authoritatively and contentiously argue without the aid of Scripture or any actual experience at an abortion clinic, is astounding. Their open ridicule of men and women who possess many years of Biblical baby rescuing abortion clinic ministry, is shameful. The men committed to the apathetic, silent, safe Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy are not apathetic and silent when their sacred cow is threatened. They’re not passionately against babies being murdered, but they are passionately against consistently and clearly calling it murder.

Clearly, the Church of Jesus Christ is in desperate need of a Semper Reformanda Law and Gospel revival! How is it to be done? Reviving and embracing a soul saving, baby rescuing, culture changing ministry of God’s Law and Gospel starts with an open Bible in the pastor’s study and in the pulpit; then it goes forth from the pulpit to every man and woman in the pew; then it goes forth from the pew to the home, the work place, the local school, the grocery, and the voting ballot; then it goes forth to the doorstep, the street corner, and finally at a local abortion clinic where babies are murdered daily. When the Word of God works its way all the way out to the abortion clinic it should look a lot like this:



Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy is entirely antithetical to a consistent and clear ministry of God’s Law and Gospel. There can be no peace between a feminist philosophy and a faithful ministry of God’s Law and Gospel. This philosophy places a pro-life strategy born out of early feminism over and above the primacy of Jesus’ Great Commission command and the example of Jesus’ true Biblical compassion that ever has an eye on the ministry of the Gospel, and the eternal state of men and women’s souls as certain recipients of everlasting life or eternal condemnation. With 1.4 billion babies murdered since 1980, we live in the midst of the most God hating, hardhearted, bloodthirsty culture in the history of the world. In the face of our culture’s open blood lust this pro-life strategy ridiculously demands that mothers who knowingly murder their babies should only treated as a victims who need healing and not be called upon to repent of the murder that they premeditated and carried out by appointment at their local abortuary. Fundamentally, our culture has no fear of God, and the antinomian feminist pro-life philosophy condemns the essential ministry of God’s Law and Gospel that exposes sin, calls sinners to repentance, revives the conscience, and produces the soul saving, culture changing fear of God, repentance, and faith that mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, and our entire culture will perish without. If we are to see souls saved, babies rescued, and abortion come to an end it will be through the ministry of God’s Law and Gospel, not the suppression of it. There’s a genocide on men! Get out of your easy chair. Put down your beloved hobby. Get to bed early and get up early tomorrow morning, because just up the street from your church they’re going to be murdering babies. Drive on by the Starbucks where you normally sit while babies die. Take up your Bible and preach, speak, and counsel as if precious eternal souls and lives depend on it . . . because they do.

Read the Scriptures below carefully and look for any semblance of faithfulness to them in the pro-life message and methodology that is dominating Evangelicalism. You won’t find it, because once you say murderers are to be treated solely as “victims” who need “healing” you can’t consistently and clearly preach Law, Gospel, and repentance “to all [the] nations” that are dismembering 125,000 babies a day while the rest of the world celebrates #ShoutYourAbortion!

The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. (Ps. 19:7)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Ps. 111:10)

What shall we say then? Is the law sin? Certainly not! On the contrary, I would not have known sin except through the law. (Rom. 7:7)

Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. (Gal. 3:24)

But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully, knowing this: that the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine, according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God which was committed to my trust. (1 Tim. 1:8-11)

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. (1 Tim. 1:15)

Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations. (Luke 24:47)

Read the quotes from the Bibically minded men of God below and you’ll find they all agree with each other, and have no agreement with the Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy espoused by so many evangelicals. However, it must be recognized that many evangelicals would say a hearty “Amen!” to all the Scriptures above and the notable quotes below, and then just as heartily condemn their application to the topic of abortion and the frontline, life and death, murder-mill ministry. That’s the danger of this ubiquitous feminist pro-life philosophy, it transforms otherwise sound men, into double minded men, who are unwilling to minister the Law and Gospel where they are needed most.

Let the power of the law first break and bruise, which is a necessary preparative for the plantation of grace: and then pour in (and spare not) the most precious oil of the sweetest Evangelical comfort. But many, very many, mar all with missing this method; either from want of sanctification in themselves, or skill to manage their Master’s business. -Charles Bridges

In my preaching of the Word, I took special notice of this one thing, namely, that the Lord did lead me to begin where His Word begins with sinners; that is, to condemn all flesh, and to open and allege that the curse of God, by the law doth belong to and lay hold on all men as they come into the world, because of sin. -John Bunyan

Satan, the god of all dissension, stirreth up daily new sects, and last of all, which of all other I should never have foreseen or once suspected, he has raised up a sect such as teach…that men should not be terrified by the law, but gently exhorted by the preaching of the grace of Christ. -Martin Luther

It is exceeding necessary for us to know this use of the Law. For he that is not an open and a public murderer, an adulterer, or a thief, holds himself to be an upright and godly man; as did the Pharisee, so blinded and possessed spiritually of the devil, that he could neither see nor feel his sins, nor his miserable case, but exalted himself touching his good works and deserts. Such hypocrites and haughty saints can God by no better means humble and soften, than by and through the Law; for that is the right club or hammer, the thunderclap from Heaven, the axe of God’s wrath, that strikes through, beats down, and batters such stock-blind, hardened hypocrites. For this cause, it is no small matter that we should rightly understand what the Law is, whereto it serves, and what is its proper work and office. -Martin Luther

We need to adjust our presentation of the gospel. We cannot dismiss the fact that God hates sin and punishes sinners with eternal torment. -John MacArthur

Grace means nothing to a person who does not know he is sinful and that such sinfulness means he is separated from God and damned. It is therefore pointless to preach grace until the impossible demands of the law and the reality of guilt before God are preached. -John MacArthur

A new and more powerful proclamation of [the] law is perhaps the most pressing need of the hour; men would have little difficulty with the gospel if they had only learned the lesson of the law. -J. Gresham Machen

The law serves a most necessary purpose. They will never accept grace until they tremble before a just and holy Law. -Charles Spurgeon

We are not called to proclaim philosophy and metaphysics, but the simple Gospel. Man’s fall, his need of a new birth, forgiveness through atonement, and salvation as the result of faith, these are our battle-ax and weapons of war. -Charles Spurgeon

That is the reason we have so many ‘mushroom’ converts, because their stony ground is not plowed up; they have not got a conviction of the law; they are stony-ground hearers. -George Whitefield

A further point needs to be made about the devastating affect of the Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy on the local church. When and where it is fully adopted and implemented, church leaders will do nothing to warn unrepentant false converts sitting in evangelical pews that they cannot participate in and/or support the murder of babies, born or unborn, as a mother, father, doctor, nurse, friend, or pro-choice pal and expect to hear anything other than the terrifying words of the Lord Jesus, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness” (Matt. 7:23). There is no doubt that many hirelings prefer the unbiblical pro-life philosophy over and above a consistent and clear ministry of God’s Law and Gospel precisely because they do not want empty pews and empty offering plates left in the vacuum of an exodus of abortion supporters from their churches and denominations. Roughly 1/3 of Southern Baptists are casting their vote for legislators who facilitate the slaughter of unborn babies, and the statistics are similar for other “pro-life” evangelical groups. Some man fearers refuse to embrace a consistent and clear ministry of God’s unfailing Law and Gospel in the pulpit and on the street because it would require them to go against the failed pro-life philosophy of highly respected men who hold highly influential positions. Other lovers of self reject the soul saving, baby rescuing, culture transforming ministry of God’s Word proclaimed “publicly and house to house” precisely because it would “turn the world upside down” and antinomian evangelicals who are enamored with getting their best life now will not tolerate any disturbance of their peace by men crying out “BABIES ARE MURDERED HERE!” or “YOU SHALL NOT MURDER!” or “REPENT AND BELIEVE IN THE GOSPEL!” Some are so bold as to defend their abandonment of the ministry of the Law and Gospel in the area of abortion by claiming that they take the “moral high ground” or “spiritual high ground” or even the “Gospel high ground” so they just don’t get involved in so-called politics in their preaching and ministry. In light of the very real genocide of the unborn taking place, all such “high ground” claims are cowardly excuses for hateful apathy . . . and those making these claims should thoroughly repent before they stand before God.


Al Mohler -tell the truth
In a world where 1.4 BILLION babies have been murdered since 1980, we desperately need to lay down failed Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy and call for a revival of the consistent and clear application and bold proclamation of the unfailing truth of Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder!” (not Albert Mohler)


What kind of men would hold a pro-life philosophy that emerged out of the early feminist movement over and above a consistent and clear ministry of Scripture? They are the movers and shakers of evangelical Christendom. They are found at the helm of virtually every theologically sound church, ministry, denomination, and seminary. Many of them are faithful declarers, definers, and defenders of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Albert Mohler is President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is arguably the ambassador and voice of Biblical Christianity to the world through various media outlets. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting beneath his excellent preaching for many years at the Shepherds’ Conference. It should not come as a surprise that Dr. Mohler is pro-life, however his recent declaration and defense of Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy is shocking. As a voice for Biblical Christianity, Dr. Mohler set out to declare and defend the evangelical pro-life stance in response to a recent statement made by Donald Trump. Dr. Mohler’s declaration and defense was consistent and clear, but in no way Biblical. His article was an appalling departure from a life and ministry dedicated to the declaration and defense of God’s Word. We’ll break down major portions of Dr. Mohler’s article point for point in the order they were written:

The big background of this story is the fact that the pro-life movement has never, ever called for the criminalization of abortion when it comes to the woman. (Al Mohler)


But what does God’s Word say, Dr. Mohler? Isaiah 8:20 provides this counsel and warning: “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” The Bible clearly condemns the taking of innocent human life, born or unborn, as murder (Ex. 20:13; Ex. 21:22-24; Jer. 32:34-35). This isn’t merely a “woman,” as Dr. Mohler’s article consistently refers to her. This particular woman is a mother who has premeditated the crime of murdering her baby. She made the appointment to murder her baby. She paid a doctor to murder her baby. She held still so the doctor could dismember and crush her baby boy or girl and throw him or her away as refuse. In most cases she signed a legal document giving the abortion clinic the right to sell her baby for spare parts or to be used for research fodder if they so choose. She is not just a “woman,” she’s a mother, who is guilty of the crime of murdering a baby, her baby, with the help of a paid killer, a hired hit-man disguised as a doctor. On the day of judgment she will stand before God guilty of murdering her own baby boy or girl unless she learns the fear of God, feels the weight of her sin, repents, and confesses Jesus Christ as Lord. Tragically, Dr. Mohler’s Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy protects murderous mothers from feeling the full weight of their guilt now, but leaves them entirely guilty, eternally damned, and unprotected from the fierce wrath of God.

Pay close attention to this next quote, where Dr. Mohler establishes the history, foundation, and philosophical authority of the pro-life movement:

The pro-life movement actually emerged out of the early feminist movement, something that many people in modern America do not remember. The early feminists argued among other things that abortion was something that was inflicted upon women by men at their own convenience and women, argued the early feminists such as Susan B. Anthony, were the victims of abortion along with the unborn children who were aborted. The pro-life movement in America has consistently held to this position and has done so over time. (Al Mohler)

The pro-life movement isn’t built on a Christian or Biblical foundation, it “emerged out of the early feminist movement.” What’s truly shocking is that the pro-life positon Dr. Mohler defines and defends in his article is built on the sandy foundation and nonexistent authority of “early feminists” and not the Word of God. What’s deeply disturbing is that Dr. Mohler rightly agrees with the early feminists that fathers are guilty of murdering babies for the sake of “convenience,” but he wrongly agrees with them in universally saying “abortion was something that was inflicted upon women” and that mothers who choose to murder their inconvenient babies are somehow not guilty of murdering babies for “convenience” sake. The final sentence from the quote above, “The pro-life movement in America has consistently held to this position and has done so over time.” confirms that Al Mohler’s pro-life position, and that of Evangelicalism at large, is built upon the fallen foundation of an early feminist position that has no concept of or care for a consistent and clear ministry of God’s Law and Gospel. Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy universally and dogmatically declares mothers who knowingly murder their babies to be victims. Under the sin mitigating influence of this philosophy Al Mohler can’t even muster enough moral consistency and clarity to actually refer to the men he’s blaming as “fathers,” and the abortions he’s blaming them for as “murder.”

Dr. Mohler goes on to support his antinomian philosophy with a quote from Ken Blackwell, senior fellow at the Family Research Council:

We have always considered the baby and mother as victims in abortion. (Ken Blackwell, quoted by Al Mohler)

Dr. Mohler’s sanction of the feminist pro-life movement’s universal victimhood philosophy is completely contrary to the testimony of Scripture. The baby is the victim. The baby is murdered, ripped limb from limb, and discarded. The mother who chose to murder her baby is not a victim. By most estimates rape and incest account for less than 1% of abortions. Men who commit crimes against women should be held accountable for their crimes now and warned that God will hold them accountable later. Men who commit crimes against underage girls should find themselves standing before God to give an account for their evil deeds quickly. Let’s get that legislation passed! Rape is horrific, but if a mother chooses to murder her baby she is guilty of murder before God. Incest is horrific, but if a young mother knowingly chooses to murder her baby she is guilty of murder before God. Being a victim of the crime of rape or incest doesn’t justify, necessitate, or negate the crime of murder. The man is the criminal that should receive the death penalty, not the baby. In defense of treating all mothers who murder their babies as “victims” many men are repeatedly throwing out the idea of “the all too common 14 year old girl raped by her uncle.” In actuality, girls under 15 account for about .04% of all abortions in a given year. That’s all abortions. The number of those that were associated with rape or incest would be a tiny fraction of .04%. Obviously a young girl truly being forced by her rapist to get an abortion is not guilty of murder, but “young” and “forced” do bear some defining . . . and it is important to point out that the actual number of these hypothetical young girls is grossly embellished by many out of sheer ignorance, and by others who are zealously defending the Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy that enables them to reject the consistent, clear Law and Gospel ministry that would require them to take up the cross and face our murderous society on a very real evangelistic battlefield. Let’s go ahead and lay that “go to” justification for universal victimhood and sad excuse for apathy, silence, and inaction (while 125,000 babies die daily) to rest as virtually nonexistent.

With love, it is time to say to the pro-life movement, it is time to say to pro-life men and women . . . give up the apathy, give up the excuses, get up from the evangelical easy chair, get in the car, and get to an abortuary to plead for souls and lives, or in the very least, actively support those who do. Don’t bring universal victimhood, apathy justifying, murder mitigating arguments born out of a feminist philosophy like Al Mohler has. Don’t bring universal victimhood, apathy justifying, murder mitigating embellished arguments designed to prey on people’s uniformed consciences like many others are. If you can’t bring your case from the living Word of God and years of experience on the street ministering it to mothers and fathers determined to murder their babies, you should drop your case, repent of apathy, repent of antinomianism, and go minister the Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls and rescuing of babies. Those are strong words. They’re meant to be. They’re needed. They’re compelled by love for the Lord, for sinners who are perishing in their sins, for the babies who are being murdered by murderous mothers with the approval of our murderous culture, and for a multitude Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy embracing evangelical Christians who will one day have to stand before God and give an account for their unconscionable apathy in the face of genocide.

The next antinomian quote that Dr. Mohler calls upon to make his case comes from the New York Times, Jeanne Mancini, the President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund:

No pro-lifer would ever want to punish a woman who has chosen abortion. We invite a woman who has gone down this route to consider paths to healing, not punishment. (Jeanne Mancini, quoted by Al Mohler)

The pro-life agenda Dr. Mohler is espousing has no basis in Scripture. This quote is again entirely antithetical to a Biblical ministry of the Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as in Dr. Mohler’s opening statement, when Jeanne Mancini says “We invite a woman who has gone down this path,” she is negating the reality that this isn’t a mere woman, she is a mother. Jeanne goes a step further when she deliberately uses murder mitigating ambiguity to describe a mother who has chosen to murder her baby, simply as “a woman who has gone down this route.” What “route” did she “go down” Jeanne? The mother knowingly went down a dark route to an abortion clinic where she murdered her baby. This kind of deceptive, sin diminishing, reality changing, verbal slight of hand is constant in both pro-life and pro-choice circles. The final portion of this brief statement fully embraces the pro-life “victim” philosophy. Dr. Mohler and Jeanne are inviting mothers that have knowingly murdered their babies to “consider paths of healing, not punishment.” On the surface this sounds very compassionate. However, there will be no true temporal “healing” and there will be certain eternal “punishment” without repentance for murder and a confession of Jesus Christ as Lord. We will always lose sight of the primacy of the Gospel and the eternal state of men and women’s souls when we subjugate the Biblical ministry of Law and Gospel beneath an unbiblical, antinomian, early feminist, pro-life message and methodology.

In the following quote an otherwise brilliant and Biblical man evidences what happens when you submit your thinking and the Word of God to the faulty pro-life foundation that early feminists laid down:

This affords us the challenge of explaining that the pro-life movement, once again, has never called for the criminalization of the women, but rather for the criminalization of the one who kills the baby—that is, any doctor or other person who brings about an abortion of an innocent human child. But this also points to a deeper moral issue, and this is in the background to the pro-life movement’s position on the issue. It is this: those early feminists who were concerned that women along with their unborn children were the victims of abortion had a very important point to make, and that is that abortion is most often for the convenience, somewhere, somehow, of a man who is responsible for the pregnancy. As a matter of fact, even today, those who work in crisis pregnancy centers and observe what is going on in abortion centers will tell you that in many cases, women are brought by men for whom the abortion is the easy way out of a pregnancy. And far too many women, even today, not just back in the 19th and early 20th centuries, are being forced into abortion by the very men who are responsible for the child. (Al Mohler)

Here, Dr. Mohler labors to establish the pure victimhood of mothers who knowingly murder their babies. He does this by verbally distancing the mother from her choice, her actions, and the “the one who kills the baby—that is, any doctor or other person who brings about an abortion of an innocent human child.” The glaring problem with Dr. Mohler’s scenario is that the “other person” mentioned is of course the mother, and she is the primary person responsible for “bring[ing] about” the murder of the baby. Dr. Mohler’s universal victimhood story is written as if the doctor stalked the poor mother, drug her into his office, forced her onto the table, and then murdered her baby. Early feminists are again referenced as the pro-life authority. Mothers who knowingly murder their babies are again made victims alongside the babies they murdered. “Convenience” is again only referenced as a cause of abortion in relationship to the father’s guilt. The father is again called a mere man, and not what he actually is . . . a father who murdered his own baby. In an attempt to further justify the universal victimhood dogma, dramatic embellishment of the number of women who are “forced” to have abortions is employed with these heart-wrenching words: “far too many women, even today, not just back in the 19th and 20th centuries, are being forced into abortion.” To be clear, one woman, truly being forced to have an abortion is “far too many.” Dr. Mohler’s dramatized words play well for a compassionate and ignorant audience that have no firsthand experience, but they fall somewhat flat for the compassionate and knowledgeable men and women who have spent years ministering Law and Gospel at the doors of their local abortuary. If you have bought into the feminist’s universal victimhood mantra all you need do is spend a little time outside of an abortion clinic alongside Bobby McCreery, Geoff Kirkland, Jeff Durbin, Jeff Rose, Robert Gray, Sye Ten Bruggencate, or Tony Miano and you will soon have that hyper-compassionate disposition dispelled.

In this final quote, Dr. Mohler absolves mothers, who knowingly choose to murder their babies, from being the guilty party:

But here’s where the pro-life movement returns back to say, who is the guilty party in an abortion? It is the person who brings about the death of the child. The woman seeking the abortion is not without moral responsibility, but she is not herself bringing about the death of the unborn human baby. That’s the crucial issue here, and that’s why the pro-life movement has consistently sought to criminalize abortion at the level of the person performing the abortion. That is, unlike what Nicholas Kristof argues here, a morally consistent argument and it has been consistent over time. (Al Mohler)

Beginning to end, Dr. Mohler does not deviate from his Anitinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy script of universal victimhood, but he does firmly and finally establish the fact that he and the evangelical pro-life movement have deviated from the Scriptures and from reason altogether. “Who is the guilty party?” is the question put forth. The answer given is designed to point out that the “guilty party” is obviously the doctor, the “person who brings about the death of the child.” However, Dr. Mohler’s assignment of guilt is grossly incorrect and illogical unless the doctor stalked the mother, captured the mother against her will, strapped the mother to the table, and took her baby’s life against her will. Dr. Mohler used slight of hand again, and this time it wasn’t only with careful vocabulary selection and exclusion. This time he changed a mother guilty of murdering her own baby into a victim who somehow possesses an ambiguous “moral responsibility,” but bears no guilt for the murder of her baby. In reality, the mother knowingly sought out the abortion clinic to murder her baby, the mother sought out the doctor to murder her baby, the mother drove to and walked into the abortion clinic to murder her baby, the mother paid the doctor to murder her baby, and the mother is guilty of knowingly murdering her baby boy or girl with the doctor’s help. Dr. Mohler is brilliant, but his reason fails him here because the brilliant mind God gave him and the Scriptures contained therein are bound up under Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy. How is a mother who murders her baby not guilt of murder and “not without moral responsibility” at the same time? If a mother who murdered her baby is “not without moral responsibility,” she’s guilty of murder. If a mother who murdered her baby is not guilty of murder, she’s not “not without moral responsibility.” What exactly is the mother “not without moral responsibility” for? Child endangerment? Criminal neglect? Abandonment? Poor judgment on doctor selection? Poor life choices? If a mother who murdered her baby is not a true “victim of abortion” as Dr. Mohler earlier and repeatedly asserted, then she is guilty of murdering the true victim. The mother can’t be both not guilty and guilty, nor can she be both a guilty party and a victim in the truest sense.

A vital and general critique of Dr. Mohler’s article must be made. It isn’t just what Al Mohler and other pro-life evangelicals are saying that is alarming, it’s what they’re not saying! Those who embrace the feminist pro-life message and methodology have divorced themselves from a consistent and clear ministry of the Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ, and have of necessity embraced an ambiguous, nuanced, truncated vocabulary. Dr. Mohler wrote an entire article on abortion without using the following words: mother, mom, father, dad, baby, babies, murder, slaughter, dismember, crush, genocide, holocaust etc. In place of mother or mom he consistently used “woman” (just like abortion activist pro-choicers). In place of father and dad he used “man” (just like abortion activist pro-choicers). In place of baby and babies he used child and children, and he used even those very sparingly (child/children is less accurate and far less endearing than baby/babies). In place of murder, slaughter, genocide, holocaust, etc., he used kill or killed, and he used them exceedingly infrequently (kill is less accurate than murder, kill is less alarming than murder, and kill does not imply guilt like the word murder). Dr. Mohler’s careful word selection and exclusion is consistent with his selection of a feminist pro-life message and the exclusion of the words and message that are drawn directly and indirectly from Scripture. This is the consistent pattern of the pro-life movement, reject the counsel of God’s Word and all vocabulary that keeps with it.

Dr. Mohler began his article by quoting early feminists as his authority and the foundation of the pro-life movement. He finished his article by circling the historic feminist pro-life wagons and firing off his historic feminist pro-life cannon. Having given up Scripture as his authority and foundation, Dr. Mohler quoted many compromised pro-life sources, but not a single Scripture . . . no Law . . . and no Gospel. Having given up Scripture as his authority and foundation, the Scripture’s central focus of reconciling sinners to a holy God through a faithful ministry of the Law and Gospel was not just out of focus, it was left out altogether. Without the Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ as our true north there is no “morally consistent argument.” Dr. Mohler’s pro-life argument, a self-professed feminist pro-life argument, an undeniably antinomian pro-life argument, an argument he articulated to the world on behalf of Biblical Christendom, the prevailing and failed pro-life argument of evangelicalism . . . is morally confused, logically inconsistent, and Biblically bankrupt. The only thing consistent and clear about Dr. Mohler’s argument is that it emerged out of the early feminist movement; that it will do nothing to bring the genocide of the unborn to an end; and that it will do nothing to compel the millions of mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, and others who are guilty of murder before God, to repentance of sin and a confession of Jesus Christ as Lord.

Joe Carter pic
Joe Carter, editor for The Gospel Coalition

We need to call Joe Carter, editor for The Gospel Coalition, to the witness stand to give just a bit more evidence as to the antinomian nature of Evangelicalism’s pro-life philosophy. Desiring a clear and consistent proclamation and application of God’s Law and Gospel isn’t born out of a desire for “vengeance” against mothers that have murdered their babies, as Joe Carter seems to suggest in an article he released on the same day as Dr. Mohler’s. It is an expression of the love of God and the love of neighbor as self. Love of God should compel Christians to proclaim His perfect Law and His glorious Gospel for His eternal glory. Love of neighbor should compel Christians to proclaim God’s unfailing Law and God’s unfailing Gospel for the greatest temporal and eternal blessing of mankind. It is unloving to withhold the full revelation and weight of the omnipotent Law of God that is a tutor to bring murderous doctors, mothers, fathers, and all others to repentance and saving faith. Furthermore, a clear and consistent proclamation and application of God’s Law and Gospel revives the conscience of the individual and society as a whole, acting as a moral and cultural preservative even where it does not result in repentance and saving faith.

Joe Carter stands united with Dr. Mohler in antinomian feminist pro-life philosophy and its universal victimhood message, saying:

A consistent pro-life position can maintain that a woman who has an abortion may be morally culpable in the taking of an innocent life, and yet still recognize that in the interest of compassion and proximate justice (e.g., ensuring the conviction of abortionists) she should be treated solely as a second victim and not as a first accomplice. (Joe Carter)

Having embraced the same feminist pro-life position as Dr. Mohler, Mr. Carter exhibits the same antinomian inability to use Biblical vocabulary and a ready willingness to adopt abortion activist pro-choice vocabulary. Those with a commitment to a consistent and clear ministry of God’s Law and Gospel know that a “woman who has an abortion” is a mother who murdered her baby. Those with a commitment to an antinomian feminist pro-life philosophy can’t say mothers who murder their babies are guilty of murder. Instead of mother it’s “woman.” Instead of murder, it’s “abortion.” Instead of guilty of murder, it’s “may be morally culpable in the taking of an innocent life.” Much like Dr. Mohler, Mr. Carter strategically avoids using these words: mother, mom, baby, murder, etc. This unconscionable ambiguity and nuance is a deliberate assault on the basic reality of abortion and the Biblical truth that addresses it, resulting in a total vocabulary surrender of the high ground of moral clarity that God has provided to protect us from the destructive and murderous chaos of every man doing what is right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25). Mr. Carter finishes his article by circling the same antinomian feminist pro-life (all victim, all the time) wagons that Al Mohler did, saying mothers who murder their babies “should be treated solely as a second victim and not as a first accomplice.” Using the same fallacious philosophy as Dr. Mohler, Joe Carter ended up with the same failed logic. You can’t logically assert that a mother who murders her baby “may be morally culpable in the taking of an innocent life” and that “she should be treated solely as a second victim and not as a first accomplice.” She either is either guilty of murder or she is a victim. She cannot be “solely a second victim” and guilty of murder. Perhaps what Mr. Carter means to communicate is that she is undeniably guilty, we all know it, but we’re going to act like she’s not guilty because it seems more compassionate on the surface (although it leaves her unrepentant and dead in her sins), it’s far more socially acceptable (we can avoid any real social clash), and it’s a strategic move necessary to gain political and legislative ground. Joe’s best defense for abandoning abandoning a consistent and clear Law and Gospel ministry and basic logic is a noble but failed goal of overturning abortion legislation through a crafty abandonment of God’s truth and reason.

Al Mohler and Joe Carter’s recent statements reveal the devastating result of Evangelicalism’s infatuation with the Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy. They and Evangelicalism are at peace with an unbiblical philosophy and at war with the Word of God. Evangelicalism is full of rotten antinomian pro-life fruit grown from the rotten feminist pro-life roots that Dr. Mohler and Mr. Carter labored to cultivate and fertilize in their articles. Evangelicalism’s ready reception of the early feminist movement’s failed pro-life philosophy has resulted in a widespread rebellious rejection of the soul saving, baby rescuing, culture changing ministry of the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ve made peace with feminism’s failed philosophy and are at war with God’s unfailing truth. Feminist philosophy is celebrated. Consistent and clear ministry of God’s Law and Gospel has been abandoned. Those who try to revive it are harshly condemned or shamelessly ignored. Biblical words and concepts are shamelessly abandoned, or they are carefully nuanced so as to avoid contradicting the true pro-life authority and foundation, “early feminism.”

Al Mohler, Joe Carter, and Evangelicalism as a whole are infected with a pervasive antinomian feminist pro-life philosophy that makes peace where there can be no peace and makes war where there should be no war. We have purchased peace at a high price. When we can’t say with consistency, clarity, and conviction “You shall not murder!” to everyone, including mothers, we have no hope of stopping the genocide of millions of unborn babies that our murderous culture has successfully dehumanized and is daily systematically murdering by poisonous pill, burning saline, violent suction, and surgical dissection. The slaughter of babies will continue and evangelical leaders will sit safely cloistered in compromised ivory towers as feminist pro-life movement champions of compassion that didn’t have the Biblical wherewithal, heart, or courage to be hated and reviled by a culture bent on murder . . . for standing up like men of God, lifting up the Word of God, and proclaiming and applying the full weight of the Law of God and and Gospel of Jesus Christ consistently, clearly, and lovingly in the pulpit, in the public square, in the open air, and on the street outside of abortion clinics from sea to shining sea where babies are crushed, ripped limb from limb, and thrown away as trash daily. Don’t miss that it isn’t just the mother, father, doctor, and all those involved directly in murdering babies that we need to reach. Our entire sinful, sexually immoral, murderous culture and every man, woman, and child that is a part of it must be reached with Law of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us pray Al Mohler, Joe Carter, and all true Christians will soon abandon the failed philosophy of feminism and fully embrace the ministry of God’s unfailing Word. May God grant a revival of the ministry of His Law and Gospel. May God raise up men that fear God alone. May God raise up men that will love Him, love His Church, love perishing sinners, and love perishing babies with action and truth.

The Lord Jesus gets the last word. May the Lord give us all ears to hear:

When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them, “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.  For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.  For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?  For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:34-38)

This video shows the very real murderous results of the failed Antinomian Feminist Pro-Life Philosophy:

A Call to Swift & Thorough Reformation Action in Defense of Christ’s Church & Gospel

David Robertson -moderator of free church
See The Press and Journal for the original story of David Robertson’s rise to fame & influence as the Free Church of Scotland’s Moderator.


Pope -John MacArthur


A call to swift and thorough Reformation action in defense of Christ’s Church and His Gospel: If you love Christ, His Church, His Gospel, and 1.2 billion Catholic souls, please contact Christian Focus Publications and call them to bring an end to the counter-reformation that they are facilitating and profiting from. To continue sell David Robertson’s book, Magnificent Obsession, (or any of his books) is to knowingly further Robertson’s counter-reformation. After several gracious warnings, in writing and face to face, Christian Focus Publications continues to sell and profit from Robertson’s antichrist promoting book.

When I found out Magnificent Obsession was to be given to 3,500 men at the Shepherds’ Conference I went directly to Donnie Morrison (Sales and Marketing Manager for Christian Focus Publications). Donnie Morrison and I stood in the conference book tent, in the middle of the Christian Focus book sale’s tables, and watched the full six minute video below in which Robertson clearly proclaims his apostasy. I further explained to him that the book they placed in the Shepherds’ Conference book box was an unapologetic apologetic for the antichrist pope of Rome. Mr. Morrison seemed to be sincerely concerned. He assured me he would talk to his boss. The book wasn’t removed from the boxes at the Shepherds’ Conference. The book is still for sale right now on the Christian Focus website.

A little over a month later, on the morning of April 13th, Christian Focus put out a tweet with David Robertson’s antichrist promoting book featured front and center on their table at Together for the Gospel (T4G 2016). They are boasting their profit from and promotion of popish apostasy. A formerly trustworthy publisher has gone astray from the Gospel, and they are willfully leading other men and ministries astray with each David Robertson book they sell . . . or place in 3,500 Shepherds Conference complimentary book boxes to go home with 3,500 men to their churches and families with an implied Shepherds’ Conference endorsement. Here’s the tweet and the picture at was attached:


David Robertson -T4G APOSTASY 2


It’s every Gospel declaring, defining, and defending Christian’s responsibility to call Christian Focus back to the focus of Christianity, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, that is just the beginning of what must be done. When a deceptive counter-reformer rises from within the ranks of Reformed Christendom and spreads his counter-reformation freely across two continents through trusted ministries, we need to be duly alarmed and we need to rekindle Reformation fire through a universal call to swift and thorough Reformation action in defense of Christ’s Church and His Gospel.


Pope -Thomas Cranmer


David Robertson, “one of the most influential Christians in the UK” and the author of Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus is Great, has a malignant obsession with Roman Catholicism that he is successfully spreading throughout the Reformed Christian community in Europe and America using long trusted and established men and ministries. What Magnificent Obsession makes abundantly and alarmingly clear is that David Robertson’s malignant obsession is with quoting the pope, Catholic apologists, Catholic writers, and apostates like Mark Driscoll and N.T. Wright as “friendly” sources, precisely because he sees them as friends and brothers in Christ . . . and yet this book and Robertson are finding open doors and pulpits throughout Christ’s Church. David Robertson is a pope promoting wolf in Reformed sheep’s clothing that has crept deceptively into the midst of Reformed circles on two continents to devour the sheep of the Lord’s fold (Matt. 7:15 & Jude 3-4). He had the deceptive audacity to name his ministry Solas Centre For Public Christianity, stealing credibility from the historic Solas of the Reformation, and he is now using his fraudulent Reformed credibility to carry on a bold counter-reformation in which he actively promotes the pope of Rome, the church of Rome, the apologists of Rome, and the baptism of Rome from deep within Reformed circles. With his ever increasing circle of influence unchecked, Robertson is now the Free Church of Scotland’s Moderator, and it is certain that his antichrist promotion and counter-reformation message will affect this denomination for years to come.


David Robertson -Scottish Counter-Reformer


Every genuine, Christ loving, Gospel believing Christian’s Gal. 1:6-10 FALSE GOSPEL ALARM should be going off! David Robertson is a brazen counter-reforming wolf that has gotten into the Lord’s fold, and nobody at the helm of conservative Evangelicalism seems to care enough to take the essential Semper Reformanda Biblical action of exposing the wolf in our midst and putting him out. Robertson’s apostasy with Rome and active counter-reformation isn’t opinion or hearsay. It’s not a disputable matter. It’s fact. Hear Robertson’s tragic and shameless self-proclaimed apostasy for yourself in this 6 minute video:



David Robertson’s ongoing promotion of Rome and assault of the Gospel is evidenced most recently in an article he released March 31st, 2016, The State of the Church of Scotland Today, in which he states, “We have reached the surreal stage in Scottish church history where it appears as though the Roman Catholic Church is in general more faithful to the Gospel than the Church of Scotland! If he were not in Glory Knox would be birling in his grave!” In this article Robertson claims to believe the Reformation was right, he then goes on to quote Roman Catholics as friendly sources, and then he caps it off by claiming the “Roman Catholic Church is in general more faithful to the Gospel than the Church of Scotland!” Robertson seems to confess his apostasy on an annual basis. In 2013, in an article titled A New Years Wish List for the Church in Scotland in 2014, Robertson labored for counter-reformation by listing and promoting the Roman Catholic Church as a genuine, Biblical church, from which he hoped to see the hand of God move in the coming year. His consciousness of being a pro-Catholic counter-reformer shows through in these words: “There are those who would be surprised and horrified that I would include the Roman Catholics in this list.” How can David Robertson write these things year after year and get away with it? Because that’s how deceptive, well connected, popish wolves in sheep’s clothing roll . . . and his destructive influence just keeps growing.


David Robertson -moderator of free church


What are we to do? John Knox would run David Robertson out of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland. In fact, he would run Robertson out of Scotland altogether. Since John Knox is long in glory, it’s up to the ministries that David Robertson has infiltrated and used to further his counter-reformation . . . it is up to the Free Church of Scotland, Sinclair Ferguson, the Shepherds’ Conference, John MacArthur, Ligonier Ministries, R.C. Sproul, Desiring God, Jon Bloom, John Piper, the Basics Conference, Alistair Begg, the organizers of T4G 2016, and the owners and management of Christian Focus Publications to call David Robertson to repent of his apostasy and to place him and his ongoing counter-reformation firmly out of their denominations, churches, pulpits, bookstores, publications, blogs, ministries, and conferences.


Pope -John Knox, Scottish Reformer


Please join me in calling these faithful Gospel men and ministries, these stalwart Reformed men and ministries, to take the necessary Biblical action to protect Christ’s Church from a wolf in Reformed sheep’s clothing that has used their ministries to make his way into our midst. Please join me in calling these ministries to take swift and thorough Reformation action in defense of Christ’s Church and His Gospel that 1.2 billion Roman Catholics desperately need to hear and believe unto salvation. For the love of Christ, His Church, His Gospel, and Catholic souls perishing under the pope’s soul damning antichrist heresies, David Robertson and his books need to be put out of the major Reformed Christian circles that they have infiltrated. Read David Robertson’s Malignant Obsession and watch the video above so that you’re fully informed . . . then contact these ministries and men with the contact information below, with Facebook, with Twitter, and above all with a spirit of grace and a resolute stand for Gospel and Reformation truth, calling them to swift, thorough, Biblical, Gal. 1:6-10, Church defending, Gospel defending action.


David Robertson -Gal 1


-Contact Christian Focus Publishers (who published and sells all of Robertson’s books & knowingly furthers & profits from his antichrist promoting counter-reformation) to call them to Gal. 1:6-10 repentance and action at:
or email at:
or call at: +44 (0)7887 494321

-Contact the Free Church of Scotland (who currently have a self-professed “Christian brother” of the antichrist of Rome as their moderator) to call them to Gal. 1:6-10 action at:

-Contact Pastor Sinclair Ferguson (who shares a pulpit and pastorate with David Robertson at St. Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland) to call him to Gal. 1:6-10 action at:
or email at:

-Contact the Shepherds’ Conference (who gave out 3,500 copies of Magnificent Obsession to pastors, elders, & men of God from around the world) to call them to Gal. 1:6-10 action at: Grace Community Church, 13248 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley, CA 91352
or email at:
or call at: (818) 909-5500

-Contact Ligonier Ministries (who sells Robertson’s books & publishes his articles in Tabletalk) to call them to Gal. 1:6-10 action at:
or call at: 1-800-435-4343

-Contact John Piper and the President of Desiring God, Jon Bloom (who endorsed Robertson’s antichrist promoting book with these words: “I love this book!”) to call them to Gal. 1:6-10 action on Twitter at: @desiringGod & @Bloom_Jon

-Contact Alistair Begg (who endorsed Robertson’s antichrist promoting book, features Robertson’s book & articles on Truth for Life’s website, & had him preach at his last Basics Conference) to call him to Gal. 1:6-10 action at:
or call at: 1-888-588-7884

-Contact David Robertson (who is carrying out a bold antichrist promoting counter-reformation in Reformed circles) and call him to repentance at:
or email at:
or call at: +44 (0)1382 807004


David Robertson -Spurgeons counsel